A Pilgrimage of Hope

A Story of Faith and Medicine

by Mary McCarthy

AThe news felt like a punch in the gut. I cried in disbelief as the doctor told me what they found. In the blink of an eye, my world turned upside down. My husband brought me to the Emergency Room after I experienced a seizure. The hospital staff did scans, tests, and a biopsy, and now the doctor told me I had an inoperable brain tumor. The name of my nemesis was Oligoastrocytoma, Grade 3. My husband and I used the CaringBridge website to keep family and friends informed on how I was doing. A Pilgrimage of Hope, A Story of Faith and Medicine, is my story chronicling the challenges in trying to triumph in the battle for my life. The memoirs capture the frightening details in a crash course with cancer and the possible treatments for this disease. Despite the cancer diagnosis, I found myself being called closer to God. I wanted to share my physical and spiritual journey with others so that when they are challenged, they will have some guidance in how to respond. With recovery in mind, my spiritual growth deepened as I aligned my will with the will of God. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land at the end of my treatments fulfilled my yearning for a greater understanding of Christ. I shared the details of my trip to the Holy Land on my CaringBridge site and in this book.

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About the Author

Mary McCarthy is a firsttime author. In her book, A Pilgrimage of Hope: A Story of Faith and Medicine, she addresses the medical and spiritual needs to overcome a diagnosis of brain cancer. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota, with her husband. She has three married children and five grandchildren.