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Love in a Tuscan Kitchen

Savoring Life Through the Romance, Recipes, and Traditions of Italy

by Sheryl Ness

LoveChocolate cake makes sweet dreams come true.

In a real-life fairy tale, author Sheryl Ness shares how she fell in love with Vincenzo, a chef in a quaint Tuscan kitchen, over his decadent hot chocolate cake.

This enchanting memoir will transport you to the cobblestone streets, lush hillsides dotted with grapevines and olive trees, and unique characters that create the backdrop for Sheryl’s Italian love story.

Love in a Tuscan Kitchen is sprinkled with traditional recipes she collected along the way and flavored with rich accounts of how her dreams were fulfilled many times over while living in a picturesque village in Chianti.

Raise a toast and taste pure joy as Sheryl opens her heart to love, and in turn finds herself on a remarkable journey of discovery through the people, traditions, and customs of Italy as the blond Americana fell in love with the chef with twinkling eyes.

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About the Author

Sheryl Ness was inspired to become a nurse by her father’s mother, who was one of the first formally trained nurses of her time. Sheryl has a master’s degree in Transcultural Nursing from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. She works as a clinical editor for Elsevier based in Rochester, Minnesota, and where she worked for thirty years as a nurse at the Mayo Clinic.

Her interest and love for the appreciation of cultures has been a strong influence in her life and inspired her to travel to other areas of the world—always curious for knowledge from cultural traditions of places and how this influence defines a person’s world.

Sheryl and her husband, Vincenzo Giangiordano, now live in Rochester, Minnesota, where he prepares traditional Italian cuisine as a chef for specialty restaurants. Together, they present Italian cooking classes and events as well as host private dinners.

They would love to hear from readers. Share your stories, try the recipes, invite them to come and cook with you, and send a note if you want to be in touch!