Climbing the Mount Everest of Depression

by Laurie Jueneman

ClimbingClimbing the Mount Everest of Depression is a memoir, inspirational book and self-help book all in one. Laurie Jueneman started her struggle with depression when she was 35 years old and continues to struggle at times today. During the course of her treatment, she experienced many hospitalizations, many medication trials, over four-hundred electro-convulsive treatments and two neuro-surgical surgeries. Her story provides hope to those suffering from depression and to their families and friends.

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About the Author

Laurie Jueneman is a registered nurse with a graduate degree in nursing education from the University of Minnesota. She worked in a variety of areas of nursing in Minnesota and Washington. She states it is not her education that qualified her to write her book, Climbing the Mount Everest of Depression, A Story of Hope, Recovery and Inspiration, but her experience of living with depression for almost thirty years.