Dark Roses for the Grave of Andersen

Seven Fairy Tales in Memory of the Great Danish Storyteller

by Rod Starcke

DarkThis collection of entertaining stories were written in the tradition of older fairy tales such as The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. It contains "The Unicorn And The Lovelorn Knight" in which a unicorn falls in love with a human, "The Little Skeleton" wherein a little girl continues to dance after her death, "The Wine Of Good Humor"--a tale of a soldier who chances upon a magic bottle of wine that grants good humor to any who drink of it. Readers will be enthralled at the caste of characters, the original story lines and the return to the archetypal fairy tale style.

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Rod Starcke retired from the Army in 2014 and now writes full time in his home town of Rochester, Minnesota. His favorite genres are fairy tales and allegorical fantasy, such as the works of David Lindsay, George MacDonald, and H. C. Andersen.