Dead-Men Hanging

Weird Wild West #3

by Bob Sellers, Jr

Dead-MenWelcome Back to the Weird Wild West This is the story that started the series before it became a series. Blood-Lines introduced many of the characters that you've followed while Blood-Born introduced you to yet more. Now, bear witness to how a local sheriff uses what resources that were available to him as he meets out justice and defends the law on the western frontier of the United States. Between those who are whom you might expect, and those who are not. Join us as we continue their story, yet again.

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About the Author

Bob Sellers and his family live in Southern Minnesota (USA) where he is employed as a Senior Programmer Analyst who enjoys bleeding purple and gold while cheering for his Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

As part of his many hobbies, he is also an avid motorcyclist and enjoys competition barbecue whenever possible.

Many years ago, he ventured into fan fiction while he participated in several events that were organized by fans of the Forever Knight television show and further went on to enjoy the hobby while as a member of the on-line writers groups once offered by Kelley Armstrong.

With the discovery of Wattpad and his more recent involvement as part of the Rochester MN Writers Group, he has enjoyed learning much to take his stories to the next level, both in content and design.

A long time fan of the supernatural, he’s always been interested and enjoyed the darker tales of things that go bump in the night.