Grit and Grace

A Metal and Men Novella

by Anthony Eichenlaub

GritWelcome to the Republic of Texas, a country mined from the rubble of a fallen America and forged into steel by civil war and unending corporate conflict. Technology and neglect made this country what it is. It's near as wild as it was after America wrestled it from the native civilizations. Maybe more so. It's a tough place to make a living, but it's home and on a good day it’s a bounty hunter's gold mine.

Winston Brand was a bounty hunter, but nothing felt like a gold mine when he woke after a battle he didn’t remember. By the looks of it, it wasn’t a battle he’d won. All he knew was that Goodwin was paying good money. There were other hunters after the girl, too, so Winston hardly had time to ask himself the question:

Why does Chester Goodwin want his own daughter back Dead or Alive?

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About the Author

Anthony W. Eichenlaub was born in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1975 and got his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the faraway Iowa State. He since collected a Masters of Agriculture in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota. He spends the bulk of his free time brewing beer, painting models, running, and writing. For nearly a decade he has been writing on his blog, which was originally started to record his experiences as a new father. Ever since, he has written science fiction and fantasy as well as for freelance roleplaying game magazine Kobold Quarterly.