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The Smart Kid

The Chrysalis Chronology #1

by Bob Miller

TheMichael Shale looks like a sixth grader.
On the outside.
Inside, he holds a biological secret, that could change the world.

Senator John Perkins, the head of a committee on military development, covets the genetic secret that Michael hides and will not stop pursuing until he’s captured— again.

Charleen Therry, the school counselor, befriends the mysterious sixth-grader and uncovers a history of lies, false identities, and a relentless pursuit by a shadowy government organization that covers a thousand miles and the colorful decades of the sixties and seventies.

If the Senator captures Michael again, a god-like power may be granted to greedy men who would only abuse it.
And Michael would rather die than let that happen.

When he's discovered, Charleen and a special person from his past convince Michael to stop running and to start fighting. If they fail, Michael just may get his death wish.

The Smart Kid is a mystery/thriller with the heart of a son who just wants to find his way back home.

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About the Author

Bob Miller (b.1960) has lived in Minnesota his whole life. His interests include science fiction, computer programming, and magic tricks. A professional magician for 20 years, he has created tricks, DVDs, software and books for performers.

The Smart Kid is his first novel. Four more books are planned in the series.