I Belly Dance Because...

The Transformative Power of Dance

by Terri Allred

IThe purpose of this book is to celebrate the transformative power of belly dance. The contributors have opened their lives and hearts to share their passion. Their stories of healing, compassion, joy, community, connection, and self-expression await you. As the idea for this book began to take shape, I placed an open call to belly dancers all over the world to submit essays for this book. The only guideline was that submissions should share how belly dance has transformed and enriched their lives. I hope that you will appreciate the courage of those who choose to dance and who have shared their stories. They have done so because they, too, believe in the transformative power of belly dance!

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About the Author

Terri Allred lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her sons and husband. She is the owner of Rochester International Dance Studio. She is a certified FatChanceBellyDance Sister Studio and Instructor. Although she began her career studying and teaching Egyptian cabaret belly dance, she now focuses exclusively on American Tribal Style Belly Dance. She is also the Business Manager of FatChanceBellyDance in San Francisco, California.