Missing Maggie

by Jennifer L Davidson

Missing“Before today, I thought of him as a sweet man with a dreadfully sad story – a story that I would’ve been happy to have as my own.”

Unbeknownst to Kody Burkoff, a ghostwriter, and her latest love interest, Kevin, they are hot on the trail to finding out the truth about her client Daniel’s past; a truth that isn’t meant to be uncovered. In the beginning, Daniel’s recount of his past sounds like an extraordinary love story that anyone would envy. Their friendly conversations end, however, after an unpredicted encounter one cold winter afternoon, igniting Daniel’s suspicions that he’s finally been found. A twist of trails and one shocking event sends the trio spiraling, leaving one individual with a heavy heart and one begging for more answers. Entwined with shocking surprises, chance connections, and endearing conversations, Missing Maggie explores love in all of its forms, revenge at its worst, and truth in all its glory.

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About the Author

Jennifer L. Davidson is a North Dakota native with a degree in English from North Dakota State University. She enjoys long romantic strolls on the beach, quiet candlelight dinners, and plenty of hours each day to contemplate the meaning of life. However, in reality, she lives in southeastern Minnesota with a husband, three children, two cats, and a dog. Need there be any more reason to write fiction?